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  1. Yeah got back to training but my old injuries came back! :/

  2. Tbh, I'm still figuring it out. I find out I love to use the knees and clinch method during sparring (if allowed) or training. It's where my strength lies. But during a fight, things just don't turn out exactly like you wanted as always.. hahahahha.. I have noticed I usually get bashed up by opponent in first round and then change my gear during second round.. I like to circle around the ring, wearing my opponent down and when they come in - I will throw a punch and a kick move to the side / teep them until they can't follow my pace. It will end up with lots of knees from there onwards or elbows if allowed.. << This usually happened when most of my opponent are punchers instead of both.. I dislike punchers =.=, no offense made there.. But sometimes it gets really frustrating because I want to do clinch not punch and kick only.. But, oh well I can't hope it goes out like what I planned before the fight.. XD
  3. I have two jobs which require me to work 7 days a week. As for training, right after work I will head straight to the gym. Most of the time, I will try to leave my office by 6.30pm or 7pm. I reach the gym around 8-ish and train till 11pm. Only on weekends, I'm not able to train because of work timing is just not right. How do I keep going on? I guess is just the motivation that I wanted to be better, and to fight better during the fight. I was terrible at first few fights but that only keep me motivated. It's kinda like "I can do this and I want to prove to my gym I can fight and be better at it." Sometimes, I get really tired after a whole day working but I just push myself and said this is something I want and train through my tiredness. For me, is motivation and dedication that keeps me going until now and self-validation that I can be better each time. The guys in my gym know now I'm serious in training and they will help me if I ask them or sometimes showing some technique to me. While socialising, it only happened once a month or few times a month. I will always try to schedule it after my training period or during weekends.
  4. Aching from not being able to train for now

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