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  1. 2 hours ago, Tom Riddle said:

    Yeah, for sure!!

    Thanks. I know there’s no 7/11 near the gym but is there a shop for stuff like water, electrolytes, extra food just basic shit. Also is there any cafes and massage places nearby again nothing fancy just something to chill and recover between sessions. I’m hoping to fight too messaged the gym and said if they can arrange it if find a fair match but I only have 2 fight exp, is there good chance of finding one out there ? Thanks 🙏 

  2. 19 minutes ago, dtrick924 said:

    Thank you. Don’t mind if it’s far tbh aslong has stuff near it like shops and stuff 

  3. Made a post about kem Muay Thai gym but thought I’d do another for this. I like the look of kem gym but would rather one thats a bit closer to stuff so can easily walk to shops or wherever if needed. Any recommendations ?

    was looking at sasiprapa also anyone been there ? And how far is yodwicha from the bkk airport 

    also anyone been to sitmonchai recently ?

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