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  1. Hey BruisedShin, Actually I never made it out to Sitsongpenong, I ended up at Yokkao in Bangkok. If you'd like to know about Yokkao I'd be happy to chat with ya!
  2. Ah I totally should have taken a video while driving up soi tadied, if I head back down that way I totally will! I agree I also prefer smaller gyms for the reasons you mentioned. Tiger is very similar to all the other gyms in the area, Phuket top team, AKA, I wouldn't consider them Muay Thai gyms anymore, they are western style gyms in Thailand, virtual copies of their western counterparts, except that the offer a higher level of Muay Thai that available in the west. If you are in the market for Muay Thai it's probably not the best choice, however if you fight in the UFC, it might be a great choice for ya. Still though it's incredible to see how tiger has influenced the market, a lot of people are are benefiting for sure. It's interesting to have kinda seen it before and after
  3. Stopped by Tiger Muay Thai again for the first time since I fought for them back in 2009. And I have to say it's rather impressive, they have built such a massive facility there, and it's given birth to a gagglepuke of other gyms on the street, and other fight related stores, back in 2009 there was nothing, just TMT and dragon Muay Thai and a few guestgouses and restaurants, now it's turned into every westerner wearing a tapout shirt wet dream, it's fight Mecca on that street now, crazy to see how it's all changed. But kudos to tiger and their ridiculous enormous success. They do have a really fine gym there.
  4. Hey Kevin, fellow Lanna Muay Thai alum Luis Regis, from SRG in Sydney, Aus has been involved with Sitsongpeenong Gym in Phuket, I look up to Luis and he's always had good things to say about it, peaked my curiosity and I've been following them on fb and ig for a while, I always told myself if I was back in Phuket I'd look em up. I'm still very banged up from my last fight in cm but I'm gonna get over there for a look see for sure
  5. Hey everyone, I'm gonna be in Phuket next week and thinking about visiting sitsongpeenong gym, as I've kinda had my eye on it for a little while, anyone have experience there? Happy to hear your thoughts and stories!!
  6. Hey it's Luc here from Chiang Mai, congrats on the new forum!! Looking forward to joining in on the conversations!!
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