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  1. I've always used 16oz (Raja, and they've lasted forever! I swear by them) and I'm made fun of for having huge gloves, lol! I have 12oz now and they fit awesomely but I've always been told to spar with 14oz or 16oz, nothing smaller. Anyone been told something similar? I'm 4'9" 48kg.
  2. I've recently left a gym after 3 years because of a similar issue. I love sparring, and I've learned a lot about myself by facing a big fear of getting hit in the head when I first started training. I've taken some big head shots but it's always been an accidental clash with a lot of apologizing and such afterwards. I'm an extremely small female so I often have to ask people to speed it up just a little bit because they're afraid of hurting me. Unfortunately, I started having seizures (completely unrelated to Muay Thai)in December last year, right before a trip to Thailand with a potential fight lined up. I still wanted sparring time to keep my skills up but couldn't have head contact for 6 months. Everyone at my gym was so understanding and very cognizant of my injury; I didn't get hit in the head once. I still went to Thailand with my main training partner and my teacher. We've had an agreement: no head shots thrown at me, but I can throw at them. Now, I don't know exactly why this happened and can't get an explanation out of them other than "it wasn't malicious", but I ended up getting hit repeatedly in the head by my partner and kicked in the head by my teacher. I'm not sure if they were frustrated with me, if I was sparring too hard and they wanted to get me to slow down. We were supposed to be going 20% but it felt like they were thrown much harder. The article Sylvie wrote on sparring perception definitely rang true for me at that moment because there isn't a precise, objective way of knowing why it happened. To say the least, I left that gym!
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