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  1. Small upgrade here as well: camera stand, phone holder and external mic for our live training sessions. But I am really glad that we can finally re-open the gym tomorrow, even though it has to be contactless training for now.
  2. Even though you mentioned his time in the US in your opening words, I did not make that connection while watching and digesting this session. But now that you point towards it, it makes perfect sense. Seems like, in some underlying, meta-level way, Kaensaks way of teaching is a lot more similar to what we are used to here in the West, compared to ... let's say... Karuhat's way of teaching. Maybe also because it is more about specific techniques here and their application. Whereas Karuhat (we started with the Intensives on Vimeo) is less about plain techniques and more about spacing, timing, feeling, pressure and rhythm, if that makes any sense. It's a bit harder to comprehend through the screen, but your voice-overs help a lot here. Yet, both Kaensak and Karuhat are so much fun to watch. On a side note: We watched the two Kaimuay Diary episodes with Dieselnoi at Petchrungruang yesterday and they are SO awesome too. I wrote it once and I write it again: following you and Kevin on all your channels and diving (almost daily) into the library is, imho, the closest thing to living and training in Thailand without actually being there. We love and enjoy every second of it! My personal Top-5 library "hidden gem" sessions so far: - Keansak - Kru Ali - Tak Cho. Nateetong - Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong - Kru Cha
  3. So Ina and I were studying the library session with Kaensak, watching closely and taking notes, marveling at everything he teaches. Then our cat Chichi decided it’s time to give her some attention. But on a serious note: This session for me is another hidden gem in the library. It’s easily comprehensible, Kaensak is brilliantly adding and building up techniques and it’s just so enjoyable watching Sylvie and him train. If you haven’t seen the session, watch it. Now it’s time to try, learn and implement the stuff shown here. Once again thank you Sylvie AND Kevin for doing what you do, preserving the legacy.
  4. Thank you! Yeah with the gloves I kinda ignored Sylvie‘s advice she gave in her equipment rundown, about how the design on these fancy ones fades away with time because it’s only a skin over leather. But they just looked too cool.
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  6. Hey there, love the gyms shown here. Great thread idea! just wanted to share our little living room gym. When the lockdown got real, I spent a little cash so Ina and I could continue training. I feel very lucky and thankful to have her by my side and to have the opportunity for a home gym like this. This jump rope is not used indoors btw., but in our driveway. It’s brutal and rips your arms out after 30 seconds.
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