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  1. One month is 9000 Baht. This includes morning and afternoon professional session. Professional means that you work out with the fighters and is comparable to private class. There is someone with you nearly all the time and watches you. So if you want to work out on your own, this might not be the place. However, between morning and afternoon session you can use the gym at any time and hit the bags. It is a safe area with a big University close to it. So you find many street food stands, student dorms and supermarkets. For me it seems a suburb for rather wealthy Thais. But there is no party or much other activities around. If you have more questions, feel free to write me a PN
  2. Last week I came across this gym: TFC Muaythai Gym It is a little bit outside of Bangkok but you can easily reach it by bus or grab. Since it is not centrally located the prices are lower and you will find cheap accommodation around. I can highly recommend this place because they focus on technique and make sure you will no wrong movements or postures - no matter what skill level you are on. Moreover, English is spoken quite well. Before I had tried many gyms in downtown and everytime I felt I had wasted my money. So if you dont mind being outside of Bangkok and working out in a rather small gym, you should give this place a try. You can send the headcoach of the gym a message through FB or Instagram. Cheers, Steff
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