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  1. Hi Luc, Any feedback on Sitsongpeenong? I just booked flights to Phuket for late June and trying to decide on a gym. Probably end up at Tiger as I want to work in some MMA but thought i would ask.
  2. Below is a link to a 50minute video podcast on Youtube where I am interviewed about my decision to quite my film career in London and move to Pai in Northern Thailand to train and fight:
  3. Is it not a worry that Tiger has just become a Western Gym in Thailand? I have heard that it lacks the personal one on one attention that other smaller gyms offer, whilst costing a hell of a lot more. Maybe it's just me but I came to Thailand to experience a more basic traditional gym environment. What we call in England a "Spit and sawdust" gym.
  4. I dare say intent is more important than attire. You could put the same outfit on 2 different people and get 2 very different results. Fact is if you come to a gym looking to be centre of attention thats what you will be. I dress entirely for functionality and often wear the gyms own merchandise as this is a good rule of thumb for what is appropriate. When training for a fight I will go shirtless when clinching. A sweat soaked t-shirt offers different traction to wet skin. You have to learn in a way that reflects the fight environment. I've even heard of people who won't wear 16oz gloves for sparring as the extra glove size screws up their use of range.
  5. Don't be afraid to take a day off and hide out in Air-Con. So many people jump straight into the 2 sessions a day and it's too much for the body. Listen to how you feel. Skipping an afternoon session to avoid taking 2 or 3 days off due to exhaustion is just common sense. Be aware that exhaustion takes many forms. Your body might feel fine but your mood and motivation could drop massively. Rome wasn't built in a day. Build slowly, allow time for your body to recovery.
  6. This drill really should be mandatory before anyone starts sparring. Keeping your eyes open and on your opponent is such a key skill and helps with the fear of being hit. I think if this drill was done more often beginners would get a lot less injuries when they first start sparring.
  7. Skipping and plenty of calf stretching. Your Achilles tendon gets a battering. Buy electrolyte powder to add to your bottled water. You will sweat so much staying hydrated is important but can wash a lot of good nutrition straight through your system.
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