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  1. Hello sylvie and everyone,i got another question:P Lets say someone is coming at me with punches(in sparring for example) how should i react? -just raise my guard up and wait till hes done punching and attack back? -move my head back and kinda keep distance with long guard? -keep moving around the ring so when he punches me ill avoid him? -directly punch back?(but doesn't that leave me expose?) I usually do a combination of all these but i haven't really got it how to react exactly.. Thanks
  2. Yes to both of your questions. My coach told me that in a month he would like me to join the fight team of the gym cause im doing really well in training(if i want to of course) Your first ever fight i dont think its pro its just amateur.. Before going "pro" i think you should have a lot of amateur fights.
  3. Hello sylvie and everyone, so i would like to take the next step of trying to go pro but i hesitate and i dont know why exactly.. Maybe im afraid that i will not be that good or i im kinda scared for the first time in the ring. To be honest i dont even know why i hesitate but i do.. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone im interested of training in one of these two gyms in thailand for around a month(going to both gyms is not an option:P) im looking for a really good and hard training so any suggestions? Has anyone been to these gyms? Im aware that petchyindee is more expensive but as far for training do you have any preference?
  5. Thanks for your answer and im sorry that i didnt see it
  6. Hello sylvie, i want to learn the thai language but it seems that i cant find any book, guide or anything. Do you have something to suggest? Or how did you learn thai? Thank you
  7. Hello everyone i just started practising muay thai 2 months ago and i have some questions: 1)what generally contains the diet of thai fighters?( i mean specific foods for protein etc.)Do they take any supplements? 2)What would you recommend i should do to make my legs stronger?(is running and skipping enough?)
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