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  1. i have had rib injuries, one that took nearly a year to full heal. Your injury is not fully healed, even once the pain is gone, you keep re-inuring it in your training/sparring. you need to let it heal. once the pain is gone, give it another 3 months of rest. You can still train, just dont spar, or spar very lightly with a trusted calm partner that will not do any type of body shots.
  2. If you cannot run on it, how do you expect to train on it let alone fight? I would suggest postponing your thailand trip and getting surgery. I am not a Dr but I am a nurse, that is my suggestion.
  3. Mike Tyson is my favorite boxer, Cus D'amato, mike tysons coach was a great coach for regarding mental aspects of traning and fighting. This video has helped me, perhaps it will help you.
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