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  1. Fighting Frog I am in Devon and have just returned from an interclub hosted by Chaos in Okehampton. My club, in Exeter, hosts an interclub every other month and Id be happy to keep you posted on dates
  2. Ordered one! Disproportionately excited. A chest guard would be ace. Since Ive started training I have gone from a cup C to an A and those misdirected teeps go straight to bone and they hurt. Maybe I should treat myself to a sumo suit.
  3. Sorry im getting used to this platform and making a pigs ear out of it. WaffleNinja I think its mainly down to the fact that I am part of a very friendly gym with a great Head Coach who pays equal attention to novices and fighters. He just loves introducing Muay Thai to anyone and everyone. Its also interesting to note who has stuck with the training and who hasn't and girls I thought would love it didn't and vice versa. Theres just no telling. You either get the bug or you don't. I will be taking my first man along in a week or two so that will be exciting.
  4. How disappointing. Speaking anecdotally and from my cushioned Devonshire existence here in the UK, I can't say I'm surprised. I had never heard of Muay Thai when I started last September and neither had any of my friends or family. I have been on something of a crusade since though and have so far introduced 5 girlfriends to the sport
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