The History of Women’s MMA [vid] – Filmmaker Cynthia Vance

  Female Imagery – Female Filmmaking Rare is it that women get to be strongly involved in the shaping of the images of women fighters. Watch this remarkable “History...


Female Imagery – Female Filmmaking

Rare is it that women get to be strongly involved in the shaping of the images of women fighters. Watch this remarkable “History of WMMA” by Cynthia Vance it’s beautiful. Cynthia in comments on the video:

Thank you everyone for the outpouring support on this video! I’m truly blown away by it. In regards to some of the comments: It’s INCREDIBLY hard finding quality footage on female fighters. You wouldn’t believe. So if a fighter isn’t in this, it’s not because I intentionally ignored them, it’s because there’s no quality footage to be found on them. This is the unfortunate case of WMMA. Thanks again. 🙂

Cyntha Vance

Cynthia Vance

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Cynthia Vance is a martial artist and a filmmaker/videographer. Here is intro to herself from her website – the site may take a while to load but there are some very nice videos on the right hand column I assume all to be of her own creation:

Cynthia Vance has been interested in both film and martial arts for a long time. Born and raised in Yokohama, Japan, she quickly gained a passion for filmmaking at a young age; inspired by filmmakers such as Sofia Coppola, Leni Riefenstahl, Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino and Terrence Malick. Besides film, she also became quite engrossed with martial arts. One of her biggest inspirations growing up was a popular Japanese manga called Hajime no Ippo (known as Fighting Spirit in the U.S.). Having taken a few media classes while attending Moanalua High School and gaining inspiration from the documentary Olympia, Vance decided to combine her love of film with her love of martial arts. Still in her early 20s, Vance has embarked on a career as videographer and video editor covering the sport of MMA. Her work has been seen in several mixed martial art’s promotions such as One Fighting Championship, ProElite and Invicta Fighting Championship.


From the History of WMMA’s YouTube description:

Check out the Women’s MMA Roundup’s nice little write up of WMMA History for further knowledge:

This video was inspired by that time I hung out with and watched Kedzie & Kaufman get their celebrity on at the UFC 157 Weigh-ins, witnessing in person the historic moment that was Rousey vs Carmouche, Julie Kedzie’s Fightland blog and all of the incredible women fighters I’ve met over the past year. Yes indeedy, women fighters are here to stay. 🙂

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