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I just noticed that I’ve written over 400 blog posts on Muay Thai and my experience of it, so far. It’s like one of those things, you just keep...

I just noticed that I’ve written over 400 blog posts on Muay Thai and my experience of it, so far. It’s like one of those things, you just keep at it and you get somewhere. Here is a clickable list of the most read posts in the last 3 months in case you missed something you’d like to read. I’d love to hear from others things that they would like for me to blog about, in my experience. It could be anything from aspects of Thai and Muay Thai culture, to details of training and fighting or experiences specific to being a woman in male spaces or environments, or something I completely haven’t thought of. If there are things you think would make great subject matter and that aren’t commonly covered by others let me know. On that count, if you have suggestions of what would be interesting to make video or short film on and post on my YouTube channel, that too would be awesome to hear. The whole point of this blog is to give others a window into a world they might not easily have access too, as I’ve been fortunate enough to train and fight in Thailand for all this time, and maybe to also bring out things that are not often talked about in otherwise very male-oriented Muay Thai messaging on the Internet.

Thank you everyone for the support you given me in my fighting, and my blogging. It isn’t the easiest to sit down and write at length after a very long day at the gym, but it certainly is rewarding.

Top 15 Muay Thai Blog Posts

1. The Fragility of Western Masculinity
2. Treating Shins For Recovery: Knots, Bruises, Bumps – and Training Injured – Muay Thai
3. Women’s War Face: the Bloody Female Fighter Face – New Beauty
4. The Art of Choosing Your Muay Thai Fighting Style – Some Jongsanan
5. The Myth of Overtraining – Endurance, Physical and Mental for Muay Thai
6. 15 New Techniques That Will Improve Your Muay Thai – From My Training in Pattaya
7. Life Stages – My Sangwan Rahu Experience – Sak Yant by Arjan Pi Bangkating Chiang Mai
8. Sak Yant Sacred Tattoo – My Experience | Chiang Mai อาจารย์พี บางกระทิง
9. Celebrating the Female Face – Bloody Face Photos from Female Fighters
10. Learned a New Muay Thai Clinch Throw From Mawin Today – This One Is Simple
11. How to Treat Shins – Healing Longer Lasting Shin Swelling In Muay Thai
12. Redeeming a Bad Attitude in Muay Thai Training – WKO Pattaya
13. Traveling with PhetJee Jaa – the Girl Finally Fights the Boy – Real and Not Real
14. How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Fight Muay Thai?
15. Phetjee Jaa O. Mee Khun เพชรจีจ้า อ.มีคุณ – The Girl Who Fights The Boys – Muay Thai


If you are interested in female fighter voices in Thailand here are two, active female fighters blogging their experience:

Emma Thomas with Under the Ropes at Master Toddy’s Gym in Bangkok.

Kelly Creegan with It’s Pandamonium  w/ Sitmonchai Gym, moving to Eminent Air in Bangkok.

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