• 100+ FightsNew York

      Seventh Fight – Tanya Lohr

      October 18, 2010
      vs. Tanya Lohr – Take-On Productions – Queens NY – October 18th, 2012 Tanya took this fight on pretty short notice, maybe 2 or 3 weeks if I remember.  I’d just won two fights since returning...
    • 100+ FightsNew York

      Sixth Fight – Jess Ng

      July 18, 2010
      vs. Jess Ng – Take-On Productions – Queens, NY – July 18, 2010 This is my first fight against Jessica Ng from Sitan.  It was my second fight back from Thailand and Jess’ first fight ever. ...
    • 100+ FightsNew York

      Fifth Fight – Min Goodspeed

      June 10, 2010
      vs. Min Goodspeed – Friday Night Fights – Manhattan, NY – June 11th, 2010 First fight back in the US after Thailand.  Kru Nat Fuz had just opened her own gym – Chok Sabai – in...
    • 100+ FightsBangkok

      Fourth Fight

      March 3, 2010
      MBK Bangkok – Sasiprapa Gym – March 3rd, 2010 We had an adventure getting to this fight, taking the canal and then a tuk-tuk (with 7 people, not including the driver, in the tuk-tuk!) and arriving...
    • 100+ FightsChiang MaiLoi Kroh

      Third Fight

      February 16, 2010
      Chiang Mai – Loi Kroh – February 16th, 2010 February 16th was my second fight in Chiang Mai, again at the Loi Kroh stadium. This fight was much different from my last in many ways –...
    • 100+ FightsChiang MaiLoi Kroh

      Second Fight

      February 2, 2010
      Chiang Mai – Loi Kroh – February 2nd, 201o This is my first fight in Thailand, at Loi Kroh Stadium in Chiang Mai.  I was so nervous, not knowing what to expect at all.  But the...
    • 100+ Fights

      First Fight – Peeloshmee Deonarain

      June 27, 2009
      vs. Peeloshmee Deonarain – WKA Nationals in Virgina – June 27th 2009 This was my very first fight.  The WKA didn’t have a 105 lbs division at the time, so it was a “110 lbs and...
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      My Blogs

      March 7, 2000
      These are my thoughts and experiences as female Muay Thai fighter, covering as much of the sport and art from my vantage point as I can: techniques, issues of gender, sak yant, everything as I...
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      Fight Log

      March 7, 2000
      All my fights are in one place. Each fight has a video and a detailed blog post of what it was like. One of my aims, as I sought to fight 100 times in 3 years...
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      Best Posts

      March 7, 2000
      These are some my favorite posts that I’ve written. Sometimes they are favorites because they expressed something difficult to say, or something seldom written about, sometimes because readers responded in a big way....