Vlog #249 – My WMC Title Fight Video Ramble…and Recovery

Below is what I would call my video ramble. My fight on the King’s Birthday Memorial Fight was an absolutely epic experience, both because the event was an historic...

Below is what I would call my video ramble. My fight on the King’s Birthday Memorial Fight was an absolutely epic experience, both because the event was an historic and singular moment and also because of the incredible men who surrounded me and the amazing women on the card. There’s a lot to talk about and so many stories about that, probably 8 hour, experience. So for this vlog I pretty much just turned on the camera and started talking, free-style, without much of a plan other than just trying to express some of what was so memorable throughout the evening. It’s pretty amazing I’ve done 250 vlogs. Kevin numbers them for me when they’re uploaded, so that number actually came as a true surprise to me!

It’s now been 3 days since the fight and I’m still kind of reeling from how much was packed into that experience. Hanging out with Dieselnoi and Karuhat, talking to Stephan Fox and Andrew Scott, being interviewed by the WMC team, meeting the US Ambassador to Thailand (and his very lovely wife), having legends in my corner (literally my cornermen), Emma and Tu came to support and we hung out after the fight, then Emma and I watched the Super 4 Woman Tournament final together… there’s a lot to be reeling over. Since then I’ve come back to training (I was at the gym the afternoon following the fight, after driving back from Bangkok) and slowly started back into my grind. Pi Nu is used to me by now and will take a round off of our padwork for a few days, but he still makes me do all the soul-sucking endurance and strength drills. I think mostly because he doesn’t do them when I’m away, because he’s a slacker, so he’s excited when I get back. It feels good to get back to it, but with such highs come declines and flatlines. I always have a bit of a comedown after fights and this one is pretty mild on the spectrum, but it’s still something you have to moderate. You can see the difference between my first vlog, when I’m still pretty jazzed, and the second one from today (below) where I’ve struggled in training due to the mental side. What goes up must come down and the ease of a downhill coast will always lead to some incline. You just keep moving.

above, my vlog #250 from this morning, facing the nature of mistakes

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