Dieselnoi’s Knees in Context – A Patreon Video Request

Skip to the last video if you are already familiar with Dieselnoi’s knee technique from previous posts. I’ve trained with the legend Dieselnoi twice now, the first time you...

Skip to the last video if you are already familiar with Dieselnoi’s knee technique from previous posts. I’ve trained with the legend Dieselnoi twice now, the first time you can read about and watch some of here, the second time full hour is available to Patreon supporters here and you can read about it here. In both sessions he taught a very particular knee that I have not seen before, something I’ve been adding to my training every day.

He teaches it to me here:

I show how Dieselnoi’s knee compares to an array of differing knee techniques in this video:

A Patreon Video Request

One of the level rewards for supporters of my work on Patreon is that pledges at $30 a month or more can request a video subject. Drew, who has been a wonderful supporter, asked me to make a video showing how Dieselnoi’s knees fit into the context of clinching a person. So I made this video. Dieselnoi uses his left side almost like a repeated jab to set up a strong right punishing knee. So this video below is for Drew, and I hope you get something out of it, too!

You can also see Dieselnoi teaching this in this GIF

I haven’t really worked Dieselnoi’s theory of “set up left, kill with the right,” in my fights yet. It’s something that has been repeated to me by a few of the top fighters I’ve worked with, including Sudsakorn (who uses the jab and left teep in combination to set up for power shots), as well as Joe Hongthongnoi, who encouraged me to keep at one side if something works and only throw a finishing move as a statement. And in my most recent fight for the WMC World Title at 52 kg, Karuhat Sor Supawan instructed me after the first round to “teep left, then grab for the clinch.” It’s all the same method, in theory, but Dieselnoi’s approach in cutting off the ring to trap an opponent on the ropes and then just thresher with the knees is on a different level because it’s taking this premise to the world of clinch fighting. In the GIF above you can really see the knees in context of clinching a person… and they look pretty identical to the drill he taught me on the corner of the ring. Good God, fighting him must have been awful.


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