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Kru Tak is very charming. He’s quiet, confident, boyish in both demeanor and physical appearance. The first time I ever walked into his gym, 5 years ago, I thought...

Kru Tak is very charming. He’s quiet, confident, boyish in both demeanor and physical appearance. The first time I ever walked into his gym, 5 years ago, I thought he was a teenager and asked where the boss was. He was 43 at the time. But his youthfulness is part of his Muay Thai style as well. He knows he’s faster than you are. He knows he’s more clever and able to punish you on whichever move you’re sure is going to land on him. That’s the one that will land you on your ass. But he’s able to teach you the primary colors of that style, which is what he does in the session we filmed for the Muay Thai Library. What’s up to you, as with any style, is taking those primary colors and blending them together to create your own palate of expression.

Muay Thai Bones – Library Coffee Edition – Cho. Tak Nateetong

Kevin and I filmed with Kru Tak at his gym in Pattaya (this incredible rain storm beat the hell out of the aluminum roof for the first 30 minutes or so), then went straight out to have a coffee and talk about it. Our “Library Coffee” series is exactly that – go film a session, then go sit and talk about it. First impressions, what stood out, what was being taught and how that connects to the style of the Kru. It’s cool to immediately digest things from the session, because things that were immediately evident or were feelings within the session can be different from what I see when I watch to do the voiceover. This allows me to capture both, kind of a more all-inclusive sharing of the experience. This is just us geeking out over a brand new information download for us, and we thought everyone would enjoy being a part of it.

This session with Kru Tak will be up in the Muay Thai Library in the next month or so. The Library Coffee will be added along with it as a podcast (although you can watch it alone, without the session, right now, video above). the podcast includes my voiceover on the video that we use for all 84+ hours of footage in the Library. This way you can get high level technique discussion on the go. If you’re not yet a patron, you can become one at (suggested pledge $5)

Me and Tak after our session

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