Dieselnoi Walks Us Through Muay Thai History | All the Great Fighters of Thailand

Do read the (free) Patreon post which talks much more about this amazing video and has lots more on Dieselnoi and the 123 Book. When I’m able to make...

Do read the (free) Patreon post which talks much more about this amazing video and has lots more on Dieselnoi and the 123 Book. When I’m able to make historic videos like this they are for everyone. In this interview with Dieselnoi we get the amazing view of the history of Thailand’s fighters from one of the best who ever fought, and who lived through the Golden Age of the sport. And, you get to know him as one of the most passionate men in the world about Muay Thai. I hope you enjoy it!

The Dieselnoi 123 Book Interview, be sure to turn on English Subtitles, above

Most of what we know and think about the great fighters and Muay Thai of Thailand comes to us through the filter of a few 100 videos that have survived, and some of the personal records that are preserved, but so much is lost to history, and can only be found in the oral history of the men who lived through those times. Fighters who fought the big fights, were in the stadia when they happened. It’s so special to be able to hear directly from them.

This book is awesome, the most comprehensive book on the great history of Thailand’s Muay Thai. You can see a copy of the book on the Roundtable forum here, and get a real world copy from the Thai Smai Bangkok store (go to the Patreon post linked above for how to contact them). Here is a photographic copy.

The Top 5 Greatest Muay Thai Fighters of All Time

Interviews with legends of the sport, asking them to pick who the greatest were…

check out what the legends say

The playlist screen cap is above. I’ve also been conducting a running poll of legends and top fighters of Thailand’s past, asking them who they think the 5 greatest Muay Thai fighters of Thailand are. You can watch the whole playlist of fighters I have already interviewed here

watch the Top 5 all time fighters playlist here
These are the fighters so far in the Top 10, in my weighted poll. The project is still in progress.

More from the Legends of Muay Thai

I recently made public for everyone also the 2 day 4 Legend Seminar I was able to arrange a few years ago with the support of patrons. It was an incredible event with Dieselnoi, Chatchai, Karuhat and the sadly now departed Namkabuan. You can watch that here, and share it with friends:

An hour and a half of technical instruction from legends of the sport (above)

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