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  YouTube I just noticed that my YouTube channel has passed 900,000 total video views.  That’s kind of crazy. It all started because I wanted to share with others...



I just noticed that my YouTube channel has passed 900,000 total video views.  That’s kind of crazy.

It all started because I wanted to share with others how amazing and wonderful Master K is, not only in terms of his knowledge of Muay Thai – which is otherworldly – but also as a person. His passion for Muay Thai and the experience of documenting my training ended up taking me here to Thailand. It has been one incredible journey that then began another incredible journey.

People have written to me about how they use Master K’s videos for their training, and even to train others around the world. The idea has always been to not show Muay Thai “commercials,” carefully edited but rather to actually show my struggle to learn something and therefore point out the difficult parts in a technique.  Because Master K is such a great teacher focusing often on inner techniques these details and struggles are not minor: it highlights how incredible he is. Sharing in this way so much more is gained by so many more through the YouTube channel I think.

Female Muay Thai – Stories

I don’t know how all other female fighters might think of my YouTube channel and the openness of my sharing. Is it egotistical to some? Is it foolish to be exposing so much of my training to opponents? What I do know is that in this world the more you give away the more you get.  And in the world of female Muay Thai the cost of exclusion and rivalry creates a deficit to progress as a whole.  I wish that other female fighters would share more of themselves, their training, and their fights, but also their processes and experiences.   Break out of the gym-owned images of your fights and fighting lives and connect directly to the peers and fans that identify with you. If female Muay Thai is going to grow it is because we inspire others and YouTube, Facebook and blog is part of this.

So ladies, share your training. Put up your fights. Make video journals; write. It’s perhaps an over-simplification but one thing that women are supposed to be culturally more adept at than men is sharing.  Sharing can be a power.  I like to say that my experience of Muay Thai is like mathematics: show your work.

A big thank you to everyone who has been along for the Muay Thai YouTube ride thus far.  It will keep getting better.

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A 100 lb. (46 kg) female Muay Thai fighter. Originally I trained under Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K) and Kaensak sor. Ploenjit in New Jersey. I then moved to Thailand to train and fight full time in April of 2012, devoting myself to fighting 100 Thai fights, as well as blogging full time. Having surpassed 100, and then 200, becoming the westerner with the most fights in Thailand, in history, my new goal is to fight an impossible 471 times, the historical record for the greatest number of documented professional fights (see western boxer Len Wickwar, circa 1940), and along the way to continue documenting the Muay Thai of Thailand in the Muay Thai Library project: see patreon.com/sylviemuay


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