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What are the top 4 cities in Thailand for training and watching Muay Thai?

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Hi all! I’m planning a 6 week trip to Thailand this summer and want to split my time between 4 different places. The whole purpose of the trip is to learn as much as I can about training in Muay Thai, watching Muay Thai fights, and Thai culture in general. I’m opening a MT gym in the states and I want to have experienced at least some degree of Thai culture before doing that. 

What are the best cities for training and watching fights? Bangkok is top on the list obviously but what are the other top cities to visit?

I’m not sure if the time of the year should factor into decision making but the only months I can go are June and July when my kids are out of school. I will have my spouse and 4 children with me as well in case that should factor into where we decide to go. I’m not sure if safety is a concern or not but don’t want to make assumptions in either direction. 


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