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Clinch lock from cross face

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I attached a picture for context. But as a average height clincher I get in a side clinch a lot as a dominant position against taller fighters. I transition usually from my lock behind their neck to this once their arm gets through. I love this!

My question regards a similar position I get in that works but I’m not sure if it’s due to lack of experience on my some partners. Sometimes if I’m put in a full clinch by a taller person. I put my hands overlapped on their chin to post and push to make space. Like a lot of people do.  BUT. I noticed I’ve had luck hitching one hand around my wrist and pushing on the chin and face. It locks their longer arms (with gloves on especially) around my neck and pushes their head back ( and to an angle) so they can do much and their stomach is exposed. So I can knee freely and push their head back while their arms are almost stuck. This as well helps me transition into the side clinch from the picture. I was wondering if this is a common lock position I just don’t know about or if this is a bad idea and I should stop.  Thank you for reading 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

- Mike 



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The more you practice  Muay Thai fighting the better you’ll grow to be. First, your foot has to live parallel on your opponent. What your looking to do is get toward your opponent to execute the clinch. while your opponent attempts to grab onto your neck one in every one of your fingers wishes to be at your head guarding in opposition to the assault, even as your different hand grasp on to the again of his neck.

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