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Resource for making a Mongkol

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Has anyone come across resources for making a mongkol? I am entertaining the idea of making my own.

I think I am just looking of a creative project... There is a chance I will never use it, since my gym is predominantly kickboxing. I do like the idea of the mongkol being a result of my own merits (efforts put into making it). 

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I recently made my first pair of Pra Jiads with nylon cord and think they came out well! I'm still studying the Mongkol, as I can't quite figure out how they get the bulk/round shape, but I've been leaning towards paracord knots...specifically the cobra and crown knots. I'm thinking the Mongkol will need to be a king cobra knot, but there still seems to be a few details I haven't quite figured out...

Maybe not much help, but you aren't alone! I'd love to figure it out as well.

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