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English translation of a word on my Muay Thai shorts

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Hi all,

I'm new here but a long time Sylvie follower and fan!
2 years ago I went to Thailand myself to train there for a month. (I'm a Dutch kickboxer, no Muay Thai to be found anywhere around here sadly.....😔😔😔).
Anyway it was the best month of my life. Stepped in to the ring for the first time ever and managed to win! Saving up for another trip right now..

But here's my question: I bought lots of shorts over there (the prices are like quadrupled over here 😂) and I figured out the meaning of the words on all off them except for this one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙏



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1 hour ago, Tyler Byers said:

I think it just says "Muay Thai" in a fancy Thai script. 

Oh really haha. I have 2 other shorts that I know for sure say Muay Thai but it looks very different. Thanks! 

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