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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys im new, I have a technique question. there at alot of different voices on the correct kicking technique, e.g. i saw samart saying.. always straight leg (both legs) and pull the kicking leg bag quicker. and I've seen one with singdam saying to bend the knees slightly (to not over flex the knees??), to put myself on the spot.. ive provided a video of me kicking a bag. i do have alot of other questions but i thought i'd take the plunge . thanks. john. video-1586170597.mp4
  2. Hey guys, so today i noticed one thing, loads of people kick almost the same, but there is 1 part of the kick that's different, and that's the ankle. I see some people kicking with ankle pointing down, others flexing them toes all the way up, my question would be which is the correct way? Or if they both are correct what's the difference between the kick making these small adjustments?
  3. Hey everyone, So I've been diving into a lot of videos, and I've seen alot of knockout kicks with shins, but even more so with the top of the foot connecting rather than the shin. Can someone tell me when it's acceptable to practice kicks on the bag with the top of your foot rather than the shin and does learning overall technique suffer?
  4. We were practising kicks the other day and my trainer said something among the lines: "If you step outside/pivot on your standing foot enough there's no need to lower/straighten the kicking leg arm, it's better to keep your guard up when kicking than risking a counterhit". What is your kicking leg hand/arm position in kicks? Does it changes with different kicks? Have you noticed different outcomes with different positions?
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