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  1. Thanks for the video! Yeah I think I'll start slow and focus on my kicks while my wrist is healing! Best of luck to you too! Hey Sylvie, thanks for the reply! I'll try to clinch with gloves (if Thais don't have a problem with it), as it sounds a really good method to keeping safe the wrist! I'll also try to grip with my other hand and leave my right hand to pin as you said, which will also help me to develop a more complete clinch game :)! I've been using elbows instead of right crosses as I read in one of your posts and it have worked great, so also thanks for that!
  2. Hello! So I injured my right wrist 3 weeks ago and it hasn't gotten better yet, I've been putting ice, heat and massaging it and it still hurts. I went to the doctor and he told I got Synovitis, which is an inflamation of the wrist articulation. The thing is I'm leaving to Thailand in 1 month and it would suck to not be able to do much because of the injury, like sparring or clinch. So my question is headed to Sylvie, what did you do with sparring & clinch sessions when you broke your hand in Thailand?? I'm more complicated by the clinch, as I don't think I'll be able to do it with just 1 arm :( Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. It looks great for what I'm looking for, a gym with good training, fight opportunities and lot of clinching! I really appreciate the help of everyone here :) I'll contact the gym to know further information!
  4. Have you been there?? If so, how was the typical routine at the gym? I'm really interested in going there for some months!
  5. Yeah that's true! I'll check each one for 2 weeks and see how I feel! I'll check the post about Pumpangmuang Gym, thanks! I'll ask some of the foreigners at Lamnamoon to get more information about the gym! But it is true that it will be hard finding a small gym that offers what I'm looking for...I think I'll be better off finding a gym in a touristic area where I can get more chances on being sponsored! Thanks a lot for the help :)
  6. Hello! I'm a 21 year old fighter who is just starting my pro career, I've had 2 pro fights and 10 amateur fights. I'll be going to Thailand on August for 1 year but hoping to stay more by being sponsored by a gym and fighting for them. I have already been on Thailand twice (3 months & 1,5 month) on great gyms but now I really want to inmerse myself in a gym where I'll be getting really good training and fight opportunities, as my past experiences I've been getting good training but neglected some aspects of Muay Thai, like clinching, which is something I really like. It doesn't matter the location of the gym I'm at as long as I'm fighting constantly and getting good training. Also, I'm 6'2 (1,85m) and weigh about 80kg (fight at 72 - 70kg), so that's a thing to consider while choosing a gym, as not many gyms have thai people around my fight weight to train with! I've been searching for a while now and these are the gyms that seems good for to start at: - Sitsongpeenong Gym Bangkok: Good fight opportunities, they have high level Thais around my fight weight to train with and their training structure looks really good but I don't like that they separate Thais and foreigners and I don't think they sponsor foreigners. - Lamnamoon Muay Thai: Good fight opportunities, I know they have Thais and foreigners around my fight weight, and for what I've read and heard their training structure looks like a traditional thai gym. - Sitmonchai Gym: Already been here, they offer great fight opportunities and training, have Thais around my fight weight to train with, but the thing I didn't like is that I didn't clinch much while I was there! Does anyone know any information about those gyms or recommend me another one for what I'm looking for? Would it be better to choose a gym in a more touristic area for what I'm after? Any information will be greatly appreciated!
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