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  1. Here’s a trick question for you: Which part of your opponent’s face is a threat to you? No matter whether you are fighting or sparring, no matter which martial art you train in, whether you are unarmed or armed to the teeth, when you are engaging an opponent your attention should be on his or her center mass. The techniques that can hurt you will all originate from the center mass of your opponent’s body — kicks, punches, elbow and knee strikes, sweeps or throws. My old Taekwondo instructor used to say that, in a real fight, the scariest feature of many people who are prone to attack you is their eyes. Some people just have crazy eyes — and he ran a narcotics rehabilitation program in Harlem in the late sixties, so he knew what he was talking about. The eyes are the window to the evil in their souls. Looking into the eyes of these types of people can paralyze you with fright. So don’t. Focus on the point where the attack will originate, which coincidentally is an ideal target for your attack. Then attack while avoiding his. Then repeat, until the threat is gone.
  2. Hi Mike Lebek If you are in search of some Muay Thai Shorts that were made out of something other than the standard materials, I might help you. Actually, I have not heard shorts made of cotton or GI material but I know an online store where you can buy all types of shorts, and the shorts you are talking about. Visit this Site: http://www.muaythaiaddict.com/shorts.html Because I am also addicted of muay thai shorts and I suggest you to visit this site and definitely you will get your choice of shorts. Thanks.
  3. Sounds good, you and your partner want to stay in Thailand for a year for the sole purpose of training in Muay Thai. The 1-Year Multiple-Entry Non-Immigrant Thai visa is issued to foreigners who wish to obtain a long term visa stay to Thailand. The issuance of this visa mainly depends on the purpose of the application. This type of visa is valid for use within one year from the date of issue and can be extended to 3 months on or before the visa expiration date. I think this link might help you: https://www.siam-legal.com/thailand-visa/1-Year-Thailand-Visa.php
  4. depends whether you are planning to become a pro or an amateur fighter. It also depends whether you are already physically fit and can start learning techniques straight away or you have to start from a scratch and build up strength and stamina before you do anything else. A philosophy of a Muay Thai, which you can trace to Thailand and Thai traditions, is based around competition: to prepare fighters to compete with the others, to be a ring ready fighter. Muay Thai gyms will follow that philosophy. In most of the good gyms a great pressure in put on sparring and full-power sparring as a main tool of teaching (and learning). Like you probably know, there is no belt system in Muay Thai so instead an inter gym competitions will give you the sense of progress and an achievement. This website's blogs can help any question regarding Muay Thai Fighting: http://www.muaythaiaddict.com
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