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  1. My dentist makes amazing custom mouth guards, from custom writing to multi colours. I would contact your dentist to find out and the thickness depends on your sport. If you are competitive, there is a specified thickness. If you are not competitive, then you can select the thickness when having yours made at your dentist. Most of them do customs for Footy players as well
  2. God morning, I have the same issue, i can suggest a partnered stretch using resistance bands. Here is a link explaining how to execute the stretch http://rocktape.com.au/video/rockband-hip-mobility-partner/ I agree with some of the previous posts, that the focus should not be on the legs. The pelvis is already in the kicking position when you are in fighting stance. Rotation of the hips will come when the supporting leg is in the correct alignment. The power does not come from your hips, it comes from the force applied to the ground as you push off to launch the kick. Pivoting the supporting leg will allow the pelvis to be in the optimal open position. Think of kicking through the back of your opponent and as mentioned up top, not kicking up (this will engage your hip flexor instead of utilising the whole leg).
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