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  1. Hi All, I noticed someone asked about this gym in July, and the lack of recognition seemed to get it brushed off- but I have a similar request from the group and want to reach out and see what people have heard of the gym, the owners (I believe they are twin brothers), and the Hua Hin area. Here is the email I sent to Sylvie, which she suggested I relay to the group. It includes some videos of pad work and sparring at the gym plus their Facebook page, which might help with this process more than simply a a name. Hope you all have some thoughts! : "Hi Sylvie! I've very recently taken up Muay Thai and am pretty smitten. I'm also the sort of person who would save up a few months to go crash and train in Thailand. My favorite way to travel is with a purpose, so I'm seriously considering this. I'm writing to ask for some advice or thoughts on some gyms you might recommend for a western female, first visit to Thailand (but a serial solo traveler), and anything you might have heard, or first-glance opinions on this gym, Sitjaopho, in Hua Hin. I noticed this gym by deeply admiring the pad work and light sparring videos I found online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5s89dZhnA8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stf7FuNoZXY Further research suggests to me the gym is new and run by twin brothers, also that Hua Hin is a resort-y beach-y atmosphere although possibly a bit tame and maybe boring? But probably pleasant, low-key, and safe-ish. Here's their Facebook page with some more info: https://www.facebook.com/Sitjaopho-Muay-Thai-275312672479861/info/?tab=page_info Thanks ahead of time for this, and hope to hear from you! Any and all advice is welcome!"
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