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  1. That's a great article, I had no idea of the female Muay Thai history there in Rangsit. I automatically discounted MTI when I saw the whole levels and certificates thing. Knowing about the abuse allegations is also helpful...it's good to be aware. It does seem like it all depends on who you get as a trainer. So much variation in skill and intentions, and then also personality, style, vibe and so forth. Thanks again, yeah it would be really great to hear of someone else's experience at Samart's.
  2. That's good to know. From what I can tell by online research his gym is the only option in that area (there is a place called MuayThai Institute that gives out certificates, I don't think that is what I am looking for). I've learned all I know from classes with Jongsanan, Ganyao, Coban, Kongnapa and their assistant coaches... so I've been really lucky there, but I'm also unlikely to fight and just wanting to improve technique, crisp things up, style, timing. It seems like Samart would have good trainers even if he wasn't really around the gym. Hopefully I'll get the chance to find out :) And wow, it would be incredible to get a sak yant, if I get to go I will go to Arjan Pi. Thanks very much for your feedback and the recommendation!
  3. Hi! I might be in Rangsit for work August-December and am looking at gyms in the area. Anyone trained at Poptheeratham, Samart's gym? Or recommend other gyms in the area? Looking for positive energy, female-friendly, focus on improving technique. I have 2-ish years of MT training, mostly pad work and technical sparring.
  4. Hi! How did you find the weather? I may be going to Bangkok for work, August-December. I also train MT and want to train there during free time. I am very susceptible to heat exhaustion, especially in high humidity conditions. What is a good strategy to acclimatize? Just go very slow and keep hydrated? Also do most gyms have fans but no AC?
  5. I'm trying to improve my shadow boxing and my current gym doesn't have a mirror or do much of this as part of class. so am looking for videos of good clean technique to imitate and practice on my own....found some on YouTube but a lot of it seems like more for fitness buffs or promos "look it's buakaw training". Love that one of Sylvie shadow boxing, looking for more like that.
  6. Hey if anyone wants to brush up on basics or is new to Muay Thai there are some good videos on YouTube with Jongsanan Fairtex and Alex Gong (RIP), not sure who posted them but I think they're pretty helpful. Here's a link to one of them, there are more in the series in there too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nECcpcJMZk
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