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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Kevin. I have took note of the gyms you recommend and would like to visit Rambaa one day. I am in my opinion rather lean at 168cm and 57kg. I have checked Keatkhamtorn schedule and a class is 3hours. Do you have any idea what they do? I am worried I am not able to last 3hrs. Lastly have you heard or tried Kongsittha gym? Thanks, GX
  2. Hello, I am new to Muay Thai and this forum as well. I have been training diligently for 9 months. In Oct, I have a block leave period of about 1 week and is thinking to go to BKK for MT training. I particularly like being a pressure fighter, pressure defend block and counters. Would like to develop this style. Any gym or trainer recommendation? I am willing to do PT. Please recommend even if it is outside BKK, I can shortlist for my next trip. And I have almost zero Thai language proficiency. Feel free to share your experience. Appreciate your advice greatly. Thanks
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