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  1. What's the best way to get fights in Thailand? I want to add to my fight experience and the pace of booking fights here in North America is unbelievably slow and I feel that's hindering my progress. I would like to come to Thailand for a month and fight as frequently as I can. Could I have some advice from those with experience in this regard? Many thanks :))
  2. Hey guys, never been to Thailand but it sounds like the best months, weather-wise, are around December-February, and April is the hottest/most humid month. I was wondering if anyone has experience training at a Bangkok gym in the hot months. Is training not as intensive because of the weather? Are morning and afternoon runs still done at the same pace? I want to go to Thailand in April but don't want to miss out on good quality of training because of the weather.
  3. Hey guys, has anyone trained at Petchyindee academy? Would you mind sharing your experience if so.
  4. Thanks Sylvie! I just subscribed to your Patreon and I'm watching all the privates you have had with high profile trainers. They are amazing! I'm thinking of looking at elite competition in Thailand such as Lumpinee and see who the top fighters in the 130-150 lbs divisions are and which gyms they train at. A camp like Kem is really tempting but the fact that it's in a rural setting 2-3 hours outside of Bangkok is the biggest issue I have, because I want to be able to travel around Bangkok as well. Yodwicha sounds like a really good suggestion, I'll definitely look into it!
  5. Hey guys, first post here I will be in Bangkok for a month in mid December, and I'm looking to attend a serious gym to train all day every day. I'm a 6'1" 70kg 22 year old guy with decent experience in Muay Thai and I'm looking for suggestions on gyms in Bangkok that have: A serious and strict training regimen with an active Thai fighter roster whose statures and physiques are on the heavier side around my weight of 70 kg. Emphasis on practical training practices such as clinching and sparring rather than pad work. Muay Khao gyms definitely interest me as clinching is not taught well where I'm from, but not a must. A gym that can book me a fight Language barrier is not an issue as I can speak a little bit of Thai. I would rather have difficulty communicating rather than being in a commercialized gym whose Thai fighter are separated from the tourists. I have done a little bit of research and it seems like Kem's gym is an option. Any other gyms you guys think will suit me? Much appreciated.
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