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  1. Hello friends! I'd be interested to know if the veterans of this community consider this a robbery. I agree with Kevin that you have to take into account the context of the contest. The result was quite expected for these Western-Thai hybrid events and even from a traditional perspective the fight still seemed close. Yodwicha feels he clearly won round 3, but why exactly is that so? It seemed Jimmy was scoring with more knees, and Yodwicha's didn't necessarily seem any more effective despite the emphatic noises and body language he used while throwing them. Round 4 I thought Yodwicha did better, but it wasn't a huge landslide round where the opponent will be desperate in round 5. Then the other 3 rounds Yodwicha seemed content to not score so much. I get that Yodwicha would get the nod at Rajadamnern, but in any other setting I dont think you can win 1-2 rounds and feel slighted the judges tipped the other way. I loved the free flowing clinch in this fight, last time I saw it happen was Yodwicha vs Petchboonchu which was really not recent at all. Its too bad because like the OP says clinch isnt boring, only constant clinch breaks are boring.
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