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  1. I love this approach to fighting photography! Do you think you would be able to compose a series of photos of these in-between moments to tell the story of the fight too?
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  3. Oooo! This has actually given me some ideas for my own training now! Did you do fighting specific footwork drills or general athletic footwork drills? And the walking backwards thing, did you get this idea from a guy named "KneesOverToesGuy"? Or trainers/own research?
  4. Hey all! What kind of improvements has anyone found when dealing with their own kind of injury? Personal experience : before my right toe was prone to being injured I used to rely on cardio when being out scored in sparring, I would either throw nonstop but often poorly timed kicks or I would march forward, taking shots until my partner was tired and then score points. My improvement/lesson - Recovering from being sick and right toe being prone to injury while I'm in fight camp. It has taught me to time my switch kicks/right kicks better and manage frustration better.
  5. Hey StefanZ It first started from a hyperflexion of my big toe, happened during sparring a few times. I put it down to being lazy with my movement. And now possibly a combo of the stress from hyperflexion injury and tight shoes. Now that it is a reality for me, I am more conscious of what shoes I wear and try spend more time barefoot. I use my right leg way less in sparring to avoid the pain, switch kick less, use my right foot less to sweep. It is teaching me to time my switch kicks better. This is now something I will have to deal with in my training/fighting until it physically stops me from doing it. I will look for Diclofenac to help with the inflammation when it happens
  6. Hey everyone! First time posting! I have managed to develop a bunion on my big toe from rolling over on my big toe, it is quite annoying but I have no plan on stopping training/fighting in Muay Thai, so looking for advice from others that deal with it or know of others that deal with bunions. I have done general research on bunions, so I have ideas on rehab work for it but would love to get advice on it if anyone has to some to offer!
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