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  1. A samart style side teep. I personally feel like I don't see it that much, at least out of fights I've watched and the ones I've taken part in here in canada across a few different styles. Most people I've seen throw it in my experience either only turn their foot and hips slightly, like less than 45 degrees, or do a karate style side kick with a full chamber and hip rotation. Curious what you mean about it leaving you pretty exposed, I don't see it. At least, no more than a round kick that misses.
  2. The side teep is my favourite kicking technique. In my eyes it's sadly underused across combat sports as a whole. What are the opinions of people at the roundtable? Specifically why do you think it's less popular than the round kick or front teep? Does Sylvie have any videos with it, was she ever taught it?
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