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  1. Hi guys! Ammy fighter here. I am currently 3-1. I have been actively fighting for 2 years however I find myself becoming frustrated with my lack of fighting consistency. I have had opportunities come my way that would allow me to fight on a regular basis however my coach has disagreed with some of the match ups I have been offered. In one instance he said she was more active than I was, in another he claimed my opponent was tall (she is 6ft, I'm 5'5'') so he wasn't so sure. As an amature I want to get as much experience as possible. I know coaches are their to protect their athletes but in some cases I feel as if I am being held back. I grew up being an athlete so I am use to having a regular season and competing multiple times within a few months. I'm not sure if I am being short sighted in wanting to fight more or not. My last fight was March 20th and I am hoping to fight again by June. I want to get in at least 4-6 fights this year if possible, but at this pace I don't see that happening. Any tips or suggestions on how to not be discouraged when I am constantly training but not allowed to take fight opportunities? Or any advice on how to bring this up to my coach without sounding disrespectful?
  2. Hi guys, I am a female mmy muay thai fighter and have been competing for 2 years now. I tend to cut anywhere between 10-15lbs for my fights. The problem is I have struggled with body image issues since I was 12 (I'm now 25). I've always hated scales, but now I have to use them regularly. I hate stepping on them to see where my weight is. Competing in a sport where my weight matters and where my body is constantly changing has been mentally challenging for me. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Any tips on how to be confident with my ever changing physique?
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