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  1. Are there any gyms in particular in Thailand you’d recommend for women ?
  2. Thank you!! Really appreciate it. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to book long term rooms if I trial them first. I’ll definitely be waiting until next year. Way too risky at this point and will need everything to settle a bit. Do you happen to know much about how the training is at Sitjaopho Gym and the possibility to find fights?? I believe it’s based at Hua Hin District.
  3. Hi all! im hoping to book a 1-2 month trip and only dedicate this time for full time training, with hopes to also have an opportunity to fight. Im looking into some gyms in Bangkok and Chiang Mai however I’ve read a lot of advise to check the gyms out first before deciding. Just mindful that this may run the risk of the gym and dorms being full if I do this. Ive been interested in Manop, Attachai or Sangtiennoi Gym so far. Definitely looking for more technical and one on one training. Can you please share your experiences or knowledge on whether it’s generally ok for me to trial it first before making one month booking or am I running a bigger risk of not having space available Thankyou!!
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