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  1. Yeah I think you're right about him not have any mma fights, I think I might have misspoken about him having fights in a earlier reply, so that's my bad. I'm pretty sure he has amateur experience but I'm not totally sure, if you can find out that would be cool, but for now I'll just say he has no competition experience of any kind just for arguments sake. The next bit "his shit sounds like bro science. " Okay fair enough, it sure can, but just because something sounds like bro science doesn't make it so. As it is though I don't have all the answers and neither does any one else. Like I s
  2. That's to bad you don't train that much, it's fun lol. I get it though, Sylvie's lucky she's got you, I think you help her in her growth just as much as some of these krus. In some kind of weird way your perspective lends itself to her development. Don't know if that makes sense, but I think it sounds good lol.
  3. Like I said I think there's a balance. I don't always think that the body finds the best technique when it's tired (not that it can't), but I think it can also look for the easiest technique which as I'm sure we can agree easy doesn't always mean better. Also sometimes when I'm tired I overthink things too, sometimes I even develop a progressively worse attitude which results in worse and worse quality in the things I'm practicing. Thanks for your input, I'm sure it's going to sound like I disagree with everything you said, just to be clear I don't. I don't have all the answers and I thi
  4. I do agree that at times Firas can get a little ridiculous with this idea of "not getting sore while working out", I'm personally under the belief that some days have to be hard and you should be feeling it the next day, I believe in max days days from time to time. But being a guy who has personally and consistently done this fight sport stuff for the last I don't know 10-15 years (maybe more) both as a fighter and a coach ( to some pretty good fighters I might add) he seems to have a good idea what he's talking about and I don't think it's just a bunch of malarkey. That being said he's not
  5. Yep i feel this way too, although after listening to a recent ask me anything episode with firas zahabi I'm not sure that it's the best even if it feels right intuitively, his thinking is that we can also create poor habits in our state of fatigue that can actually have a worse effect. I'm sure there's a balance though. Thanks for the response, I thought the discussion about this was just fascinating and wanted to explore it further. Something I've recently realized is a big factor for me in creating these grooves is the idea of how we as people hold on to more negative things that have
  6. While I was listening to a MTB podcast an idea came up that I thought was very interesting and that I thought warranted further discussion. Sylvie was talking about ways to implement something into her game and she spoke about how her brother said she should pick 3 things to work at developing during fighting and training. Sylvie and Kevin then said that she just couldn't do this, this wasn't her style. Eventually there was this moment where Kevin mentioned Dieselnoi and how he would train super hard and at the very end when he was tired he would then practice standing tall and smiling (ruup I
  7. I'm beginning to see this lol. Do you think this is a good thing? Even despite the years of doing athletics, running has always been kinda rough on my body and it gets harder as the years go by. I don't mind doing it but I look at someone like Valtellini who says he never really ran but did cardio in different ways. Granted he was a kickboxer, so a different sport, but he found pretty good success pretty quickly and if it wasn't for concussions may have had a long and successful career. I wish the thais were more into swimming for longevity purposes, but I totally understand why they run. Than
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he just considers it a variation of the hook. If you want to check out the private with sylvie i'm pretty sure it's episode #44 with ponsaknoi sit chang.
  9. I'm not tall so I'm not the person to ask for advice on being the tall person, but as a shorter guy and one who has a bjj background, I really love double under hooks. There's this sweep where you have your lock around the opponents hips and you just bulldoze your forehead into their chest (don't know the name of the sweep) but it's awesome. I'm sure there's some pitfalls in muay thai to this but so far its worked like a dream. If the opponent tries to elbow or hit me i just shrug my shoulders and really bury myself in their chest. The toughest thing about this is sometimes it's really h
  10. I totally get what you mean here, sometimes i do the same thing. the thing is there's kind of this line we tow in training. We don't want to go to easy because we're doing our partner a disservice by not allowing them a real look, but if we go to hard we do them a disservice by not allowing them a chance to really practice. on a side note, I also had another little moment watching a video in the muay thai library. One of the trainers says there's only three punches, straights, hooks, and uppercuts. While this isn't a big deal for most people, I'm still new and needed to hear this, it rem
  11. Yeah that's interesting, I can definitely see the parallels, funny but I guess I never even thought about the idea of disengaging in a muay thai setting. That's something I have to remind myself I tend to sit in that range where I can get punched and kicked constantly, if I were to literally take two steps back that would force my opponent to close that distance if they want to hit me. You're definitely right about the ref's being one of sylvie's biggest opponents lol, watching some of her fights can annoy me because she often gives up a weight advantage, and an experience advantage (at
  12. So I've been training bjj for sometime now and early into my blue belt I had a light bulb moment that took my guard game from a level that felt terrible to a level that got me thinking "I'm not so bad at this." As dumb as this is going to sound, that light bulb moment was when I realized that I didn't have to play guard if I didn't want to. I didn't have to stay stuck under my opponent or try for sweeps and submissions. I could if I wanted to go another route and just disengage, find a way out and get back to my feet. As ridiculous as that sounds I suddenly found myself with a whole other worl
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