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  1. Very interesting guy. Didn't know much about him aside from that one video of him ragdolling a whitebelt in a bjj comp! Sounds like Inner Mongolian wrestling doesn't allow leg grabs - so I'm interested to see how the ties and locks contrast with the Thai Clinch.
  2. Fascinating podcast on the culture of Inner Mongolian Bökh - described by Lavell Marshall, an American who has been living in the Inner Mongolian grasslands for a year and taking part in the competitions there. Mongolians have a reputation for being some of the toughest grappling competitors across the grappling arts (judo, sambo, sumo). Lavell himself is a Shuai Jiao champ - so hearing his take on what makes the Mongolian culture of wrestling so special is really interesting. I particularly liked his description of the culture of play in wrestling training and the importance of feeling
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