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  1. Two weeks of vegan keto and I kept getting in and out of ketosis so I stopped. Dietary restriction were a bit of work as maintaining protein levels were the biggest challenge. Overall, I shred some weight (9lbs), mostly muscle mass (5bs) and little fat (1%), IF my digital scale is correct. My metabolic age dropped by 3 years. I definitely noticed a difference in explosive energy (flying knees) and feeling less winded during burpees. Cardio results today similar as I recently have gone back on during vegan diet for a week.
  2. A little fine print. “Among these [12] metabolites, 11 known metabolites were previously identified to be associated with coffee intake and 6 of them were related to caffeine metabolism. Habitual coffee intake was positively and significantly associated with BMD at the lumbar spine and femoral neck,” the authors wrote. https://dailycoffeenews.com/2020/02/12/coffee-may-be-good-for-bone-health-according-to-new-study/ As long you maintain healthy calcium levels in your diet, it seems to be a good match.
  3. My goal is to give a two week trial and see how it makes a difference. I am still in quarantine here in the States so no gym time for another few weeks, at least. I will report back. Focusing on hemp, chia, flax, avocados, and coconut milk, yogurt, nut milks, plus pea protein for lysine. Incorporating a good level of dark leafy greens, spinach and nutritional yeast.
  4. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. The creativity I intend to incorporate and try out in my sparring sessions. Kevin, can you access the Intensive videos through the Library or are they are separate platform all together?
  5. Sylvie and Kevin, Thank you for your continued work on the Library, your Vlog and your story as a fighter. As a shorter, lighter human (68-72 kg) I was drawn to your style, fortitude as a journalist and trainer. I am looking into joining the Muay Thai Library to supplement my study outside of the gym and learn new skills/techniques for growth as a martial artist. At the moment, my gym is more focused on Krav Maga self defense and kickboxing, with a little of BJJ/ground work. There is another Muay Thai-focused gym I will eventually join, however, they are focused on competition training. My question is: Can someone utilize the Muay Thai Library as training tool? Are the videos on sylviestudy.com more geared towards that focus?
  6. Hello everyone, I am a vegan athlete and I have been considering transitioning to vegan keto as a trial for two weeks. Initially, I noticed a positive shift in my endurance and quick recovery when I transitioned to a vegan diet. Does anyone else have experience with this transition?
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