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  1. Oh I didn't see this response for some reason. Thank you for this. Tho I swear it was one of the later Library sessions (perhaps the 2020 one, but i might be wrong). I just have a faint flashback of it, I can tell at which end of the ring it was, but all the other details have pretty much faded out of my memory. I think it had something to do with a shoulder popping up.
  2. Hello all, I am trying to remember which patreon video was for escape from the "face smush/mush" (or whatever it was coined) in clinch? Does anyone know? Or can also suggest their own escapes from it? Realised that I often do it myself, but have no idea what do i do if someone else does it on me.
  3. So my update too: I did online training with Santai gym with Kru Ten a few weeks back. Think it was quite good. Obviously far from what a real-life PT would be, but it worked to fix a few things that I was doing wrong for quite a while (like a knee) and the movement felt so much better and made so much more sense. I am not sure how would it work if someone had more experience, i guess you could work on combos or something. Tho not gonna lie at moments the combination of poor internet connection, different languages and a dodgy shoulder were pretty funny, like me yelling from other end of the room PUSH UPS? NO PUSH UPS I definitely think if you can get someone else to share a PT, i mean be two people in a room, it would be really really good.
  4. Erm so now it will probs have to wait at least a week or so - if not muay thai i manage to injury myself in other ways. Came off my bike and injured my shoulder so probs will have to wait till it gets better. The idea of one arm internet PT from Thailand sounds a bit too crazy even for my experimental standards haha but I’ll update when I do it!
  5. Well thanks for putting such great content online and for being (intentionally or not) The Motivator haha Oh sweet, thank you so much for this - i wish I had asked it before. I’m definitely going to check both and maybe write here how I found them in case anyone else is interested!
  6. Hey ho, so I had this thought and was thinking of sending a probably yet another private message to Sylvie asking 'hey can you recommend...etc.etc." but I learned through the home work out videos - use the forum! Anyways, I wonder if Sylvie, Kevin or anyone else would know of something like a PT online with some of the krus in Thailand? I imagine it would have to be someone speaking English as otherwise it would be the most random zoom or skype work out ( i did giggle to myself trying to imagine how that would work haha). Anyways any ideas are very welcome, I know it is not ideal, but I am doing all the drills and shadow and tbh i am not even sure if i am doing things correctly and getting quite bored and unmotivated by this solo routine. Thank you all! Marija
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