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  1. In Jiu-Jitsu there are a lot of competitors that always look tired from start to finish so you can not tell if they are tired or not which is the complete opposite of what is discussed about in how in Muay Thai you hide the fact you are tired by just not showing it which I think is what Sylvie and Kevin talk about when talking about Ruup. I would think it would be easier to just always looked tired even when your not but it probably not work for Muay Thai because of judging system style and cultural perspectives involved?
  2. I am no expert but when trying to meet recommended potassium levels which I think is around 4700mg/day or something with a regular omnivore diet (which is really hard in itself) so I looked into potassium supplementation and I forget what exactly because its been awhile but they where not recommended because of side effects they can cause. Just wanted to make sure everyone looks into that for themselves before doing so to make a decision from there.
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