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  1. I've had one KO and one TKO and felt concussed after sparring a couple times. KO came from a head kick, came to seconds later ready to fight....clueless I'd just been knocked out. Felt fine. The TKO came with a huge overhand right that took me down. I was up and ready before the count but looking back, my mind was already gone. Knocked down twice more that round before it was stopped. I don't remember the fight after initial blow but everything immediately after. Felt pretty shitty the next day. Only concussion type experiences were boxing sparring --- once felt pretty sick after, fine the next day. Other just a bit rocked, fine the next day. I'm just getting back to Thailand and been questioning competing a bit because of it. Can anyone shed some light on this topic? I've been trying to develop a much more defensive style where I used to be way more - probably too willing to trade.
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