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  1. 14 hours ago, DrunkenMaster said:

    hmm ive talked to people and im sure Buakaw and some other superstars use it Yosanklai got tested positive for it a couple time as well,i would like to fight other foreigners im around 80kg so wont be many thai fighters with that weight.


    so they dont test for yabba?or anything basicly? i rather fighter a steroid user then a yabba user hehe

    Whan I was younger I was very into drugs, so I'm very sensitive to this topic. And I didn't saw anyone looking like Yabba user. Once when I was oat some kind of tourist arena in Lamai one guy look like he was drug/alcohol addict but he simply can't move. But it was tourist show. in normal fights guys looks ok :D

  2. It's an old topic, but I was training in Lamai Muay Thai Camp twice in 2019, and I'm coming back there in November. Trainers are very good. They fight a lot. They are very good at explaining things even in group classes. Gym has some kind of agreement with one of Samui Muay Thai Stadiums and lots of foreign students taking part in fights.

    I can compare this gym to the one in Koh Chang and...there is nothing to compare. I was thinking a lot about my Muay Thai destination in Thailand and after a long time i choose LMC. And it was a good choice. This year I want to stay there for 3 weeks an o my way back home I want to stay few days in BKK and try some not main stream gyms there.

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