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  1. So on these tapes, there are 4 different workouts with two versions (10x2 minute rounds and 7x3 minute rounds, both with 1 min breaks). So each one is a 30 min workout. In each tape Bas calls out combos with prompts, like "4" for jab-cross-hook-cross, or "2" for jab-cross. On the thai boxing tape you follow the last punch with a kick or knee from the opposite side. I like to use them for shadowboxing or on the heavy bag. He calls them out faster than is comfortable for me and as you can tell from that video he's got a certain energy to him that gets me hyped. Its nice because there is a structure to it that I can't always enforce on myself in real time if I'm making it up as I go, or maybe after a long day of work I just want to dump any mental/physical energy left in me into some rounds on the bag.
  2. Thanks, these are cool! Would be great if there was something a bit longer and more involved. Kind of like these (but for muay thai): https://www.precisionstriking.com/guided-shadowboxing-workout-download-link/
  3. What up guys, I've been using Bas Rutten's Thai Boxing tapes for over a decade now and could really use something new. Just something to follow along with and fuel my casual shadowboxing workouts. Any suggestions? P.S. In case you are wondering, these are the tapes I'm talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaYSn5uEn6I
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