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  1. Hi Kay! I was at Sinbi at the same time as you. We did some clinch drills. It was great seeing you there and I have to agree, it was I good environment for me and my husband also. I believe the trainer that chose me for the duration of my stay (Bao) knew exactly what I needed. I came into the camp in a bad place, trying desperately to hold onto my love of muay Thai. He gave me exactly what I needed, which was 100% mental practice. I learned no fancy tricks, nothing new physically really, but the mental side, the art was brand new and the very thing I needed. He is a wise man and the trainers there were nothing short of lovely. It was an honour learning Bao's Wai Khru Ram Muay, on my last day he offered to teach it and I nearly cried in appreciation. The experience at Sinbi will stay with me now, for ever I am sure.
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