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  1. Yeah, I am usually around 2200 Kcal per day, sometimes lower. Interesting you are asking about Testosterone. I have not tested it but was about to the next few days. Will see if I can add or change the order food intakes and see if it makes a difference.
  2. I am doing a very strict keto regime and maybe, just maybe, sometimes I am overdoing it a bit. To support your science I am happy to share what my day looks like and some of the things I notice myself. I start my day at 6.30am with HIIT for 45 min at my F45 Gym and always do it fasting (still need to lower my fat %). I have no problem doing it and actually enjoy it. Never had any issue. When I am back home I have a glass of L-Glutamine and then my bulletproof coffee. So up until now not a single gram of carb. Around 11.30am I have my first meal in form of a shake (keto style), with lots of oil (good oils of course), avocado, peanut butter and walnut milk. The shake has around 12g of carbs (I am tracking my food with myfitnesspal). That's it for the morning and then 2 hours later I go for Muah Thai training. So my carb intake before is extremely low as you can see. With regards to sweat, I am definitely loosing more minerals then I am able to put back because I noticed that my sweat does not taste salty and doesn't burn in my eyes. It is basically pure water. I supplement with electrolytes before and during training as much as I can. After training I usually don't eat much and maybe have have another protein shake an hour later (Sunwarrior Blend). If I can, I try to do a short run (3-4k only) before dinner and my last meal of the day is around 7pm with either chicken or a steak with some veggies. Forgot to mention I am 48 . That's why I was curious to find out how Sylvie is doing it as she definitely trains 10x more of what I am doing in a day and still does Keto. Cheers, Carsten
  3. Hi, I have been on full Keto for over year now. My daily carb intake is usually below 20g. The problem I am having is, that every time I train I run out of steam very quickly, especially when doing kicks. Already into my second round (out of 4) during a 1.5 hour training I feel my arms and legs getting heavy and it goes downhill quickly from there on. Do you feel that you have lesser endurance than being on a carbs/glucose diet and if so, how do you deal with it? Cheers
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