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  1. The charisma is definitely missing but I noticed in another aspect - the wai kru ram muay. Every fighter I'd watch in the 90's had their own cheeky take on it. While I still enjoy that it's done, it's missing that tiny element that made the ram muay isolated to an individual fighter.
  2. Thank you! It's amongst my favorites, also. I find it important to make sure I have a second camera with a long lens to capture the corner shots. Then there's this one from Pattaya. I genuinely have a sense of dumb luck to get a photo like this. Next will be my portrait series in the Everest region in Nepal to highlight the people in that area. That could definitely go into its own noir setting. It'lll be fun to play with.
  3. These may or may not be in the same vein. My removal of color definitely is a bit different than the typical black and white we think of with noir. Still, I think the sport - as well as the country of Thailand! - lends itself well to noir photography.
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