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  1. Now that you are mentioning Pai, I trained there the first time I went to Thailand. I solo traveled exclusively for training so I was looking for a focused and relaxed atmosphere and that's when I found Pai. I trained at Charn Chai, it's a small gym which trains foreigners and Thai people. To be honest, and I'm sure this happens in many falang gyms, you can find people who is training just to live the "Thai" experience and has from zero to very basic technique and you can find people who train in a very serious way. And I'm not saying I am a professional fighter, in that time I was just passionate about it... But I was very focused in learning and becoming better and it showed itself. One day, the head coach approached to me and ask me if I wanted to fight, and I absolutely said yes. So then I fought 3 weeks later in Chiang Mai at the Loikroh Night Bazaar Stadium, it was my first fight ever and an experience that changed me, it was just the start of my life as a fighter. Im still in touch with the gym, they have become more popular and i've seen they have Thai and foreigner fighters fighting very often in Chiang Mai, so if you are looking for a quiet life in Northern Thailand, Pai or Chiang Mai could be the right place for you. But just for ending my post, I would like to add that I believe that no matter which gym you choose, hard work pays off and Thai people respect the fact that you are willing to learn... I believe that's how you catch their eye and gain their respect. So, give your best and your experience will be unforgettable. Chok dee!
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