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  1. I personally don't 'stretch' after running, meaning I dont do any static intentional stretching, but I do shadow box after as I run for a warm up most of the time. Which I suppose counts as dynamic stretching. I dont find static stretching to be of much benefit to me, I've been through months of doing it, and months of neglecting it completely and my flexibility remains pretty poor during both. Dynamic stretching I find useful at the start of a session to loosen up and get rid of the initial stiffness from sitting as a desk all day, but I don't think it necessarily improves my long term flexibility Hope that helps somewhat!
  2. Advantageous positions for short fighters in the clinch - this is probably the best place on the internet to ask this advice! I'm a short guy, and all my opponents are at least taller if not also heavier, and I've been focusing on my clinch a lot recently having recently fallen a bit in love with the muay khao style and ethos. But I'm still pretty new to instigating the clinch and we don't do a ton of it at my gym. I was wondering which clinch positions are generally good go-tos for shorter fighters? I struggle in the position with both our arms locked, especially when my arms are 'over' and they have the inside bicep grip, usually I'm too far away to knee from this position but my taller opponent can drive straight knees up the middle with relative ease. And I feel like I often have to over reach to the point where I lose my stability and base when going for the double plum hands on the head position. I can often get the body lock fairly easily and can dump my opponent from here, but struggle to really do any significant damage from here. So my questions are: as a shorter fighter which clinch positions do you favour? And if you're a taller person, which positions do you struggle with against shorter people? I'm a patron so if there's any library sessions anyone could specifically recommend that would be great also! Thanks in advance!
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