Training Vids, Two Days Before 25th Fight [vid]

  My next fight is on a Tuesday, which is quite a change from my usual Friday schedule.  That means training on Sunday as my final full day and,...


My next fight is on a Tuesday, which is quite a change from my usual Friday schedule.  That means training on Sunday as my final full day and, since that’s usually a rest day for normal folks, the gym is pretty empty.  I did an hour in the ring with my husband Kevin and then went to work on the bag and some shadow.  Some clips of that here:


Andy told me he wants me to start hitting the heavy bag with bag gloves (small, minimally padded 4 oz gloves), so I went out and got some.  The idea is to build more strength through the impact of hitting a heavy bag with less cushion and it definitely calcifies the hands – you can see how bare-knuckle fighters hit a bag and it looks like it will split.  I don’t feel a huge difference in hitting the bag with my regular 8 oz gloves versus the bag gloves, but I do like how snappy and fast my punches feel with them.  We’ll see if my shoulders get more solid after a few weeks with the bag gloves.

Bagwork with Heaphones


Another round of bagwork:

Bagwork from the back


I don’t really lift weights.  At times I’ve integrated dead lifts and side presses, and recently I started doing some squats to protect my knees after a tweak – but I fight so often that I only get about 5 days of weights before having to break for a fight (the gym doesn’t like fighters to lift weights the week of a fight).  But pull ups and push ups are an any time, every time kind of deal.  I do 10 pushups between rounds in the ring and sometimes also between every round of bagwork and shadow (those are rough days) and then finish up afternoon sessions with 5 sets of towel pull ups and push ups.  I use a towel because it builds grip strength, which makes my punches feel more… deliberate.

Pull Up, Push Up


That big mirror is a magnet when there are more people around.  I tend not to face it too often, only using it to check angles on knees or height on a kick, whether my hand stayed up high enough on a  kick, etc.  I must be annoying when other people are around because I’m basically swimming linear while everyone else is going in one direction, but I love taking up all this space when it’s just me.  And repeat teeps on the bag are a drill I finish each session with.  My balance on the teeps where I don’t land my foot down in between is still spotty, but I’ll get there.

Shadow and Teeps on Bag

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