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I’ve been spending the past two months trying to organize a one month trip to Thailand.  The idea started as a means to really build – through high repetition...

I’ve been spending the past two months trying to organize a one month trip to Thailand.  The idea started as a means to really build – through high repetition – my foundation in the basics of Muay Thai, so that I can understand Master K’s techniques at a higher level.

There’s something to gain from training Muay Thai in Thailand, as well.  The exercises and processes will be different, something that Master K appreciates and encourages – learning different techniques in order to integrate them into my own practices – and immersion is always the surest way to absorb and learn anything.  I’m at a loss for words for how excited I am at the prospect of doing Muay Thai all day, every day, in Thailand, for a month.  I’d like to go longer, but this will  have to be the initial trip, to kind of gain insight and get my feet wet for an extended visit in the future.

My hope is to share this experience with everyone on YouTube, both with training videos and video journals.  I will also – becuase I enjoy writing – try to keep this weblog going throughout the whole process of preparing, going, and reflecting on the experience.

The plan is to leave in mid to late November (but recent set backs may have put that date in question).  The whole trip will be minimal – arriving and heading straight up to Chiang Mai to get settled in the camp and start training.  There are a number of low-cost boarding options and training at Lanna camp is reasonably priced.  The whole trip is looking to be something like this:

Airfare: $950 – $1000

Hotel: 400bt/day ($12/day) = $360/month

Food: 200bt/day ($6/day) = $180/month

Training: 8500/month ($275/month) = $10/day

So there’s really a large range of costs, the bulk of which is just getting to Thailand.  But because Thailand is so inexpensive, even the smallest amounts end up paying for a significant thing: $6 is food for a day; $30 is training for three days; $85 is lodging for a week.  Really, anything and everything helps.

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A 100 lb. (46 kg) female Muay Thai fighter. Originally I trained under Kumron Vaitayanon (Master K) and Kaensak sor. Ploenjit in New Jersey. I then moved to Thailand to train and fight full time in April of 2012, devoting myself to fighting 100 Thai fights, as well as blogging full time. Having surpassed 100, and then 200, becoming the westerner with the most fights in Thailand, in history, my new goal is to fight an impossible 471 times, the historical record for the greatest number of documented professional fights (see western boxer Len Wickwar, circa 1940), and along the way to continue documenting the Muay Thai of Thailand in the Muay Thai Library project: see


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